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North American Wildflower Seed Mix

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This product is available as a free gift with purchase as part of our Earth Month promotion. It cannot be purchased separately. 

Create a colorful, low-maintenance natural habitat for local pollinators anywhere wildflowers will grow with this wildflower seed mix.


Tips & How To Use

Sprinkle seeds over a patch of prepared soil. Press the seeds into soil and water regularly until plants are well-established. This packet contains enough seeds to cover approximately 20 square feet.

Features & Specifications

Lot B Packed in 2022
Sell by 12/2022
Net Wt 300 mg.
AMS 5060

Ingredients & Materials

This mix contains Purple Coneflower, Larkspur ‘Giant Imperial Mix’, Love-In-A-Mist, Coreopsis ‘Lance-Leaved’, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Globe Gilia, Black Eyed Susan, Virginia Stock, Blue Flax, and Catchfly.

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