Win a Suite of Wellness Essentials to Survive Fashion Week in Style

The Alder New York team has partnered with Gem, Corpus, Rosebud CBD, and A. N. Other to put together the ultimate Fashion Week Survival Kit, and we're giving it away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter here before September 23, 2019 to be eligible to win.

Win a 1000 mg CBD Oil from Rosebud CBD($125 value) and a 3 Month Daily Vitamin Subscription from Gem ($120 value)

Win a 1000 mg CBD oil from Rosebud CBD ($125 value) and a 3 month daily vitamin subscription from Gem ($120 value).

Win a Trio of Exfoliating Mud Masks from Alder New York ($138 value)

Win a trio of exfoliating mud face masks from Alder New York ($138 value).

Win a Set of 5 Natural Deodorants from Corpus ($110 value) and a Discover Set & 100 ml Fragrance of Choice from A. N. Other ($95 value)

Win a set of 5 natural deodorants from Corpus ($110 value) and a discover set & 100 ml fragrance of choice from A. N. Other ($95 value).

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