Why You Want to Look Brighter

Why You Want to Look Brighter

Maybe you’ve never quite realized it before, so here it is: you want brighter skin. It turns out, we all want brighter skin, but most of us didn’t realize that was quite the word we were looking for.

When we set out to make what became our Brightening Mask, it was a bit of a challenge to put into words the thing the Alder New York team all wanted. Yes, you could say we had a desire to look younger, except, for most of our millennial team, that wasn’t quite right. Most of us are at that age where we still occasionally -if we’re not dressed up, or don’t sport a beard- get carded. But we’re all beginning to notice that our skin doesn’t bounce back quite the same way after a late night out with one to many drinks or pizza slices (or both).

We all wanted that awake look- something to make our skin look as good as it does when we use a snapchat filter. A lot of our lady team members used the term “glowy,” to describe what we wanted for our skin, but that didn’t sit right, because it’s a word that’s been historically so gendered (don’t ask us why).

Its all About that Health Thing

But no matter how we define our genders, we agreed that we all want skin that looks hydrated and radiates good health. Skin that says: "someone’s been eating Sweetgreen and doing plenty of yoga and not staying up till god knows when scrolling through the news on their iPhone." In other words, we all want skin that looks brighter.

There’s science behind why brighter skin is correlated to good health. For one thing, when you exercise, you immediately increase your blood flow, which created more radiant looking skin. A recent study actually found that people who exercise frequently have skin composition more similar to that of a twenty to thirty year old compared to their sedentary fellow-40 year olds. As for eating those fruits and veggies? Eating them does indeed lead to brighter looking skin, thanks to their crazy amounts of antioxidants and vitamins.

There's a Mask for That

While we are big advocates of making time to eat well and exercise, we also know that there are days and even weeks when that just isn't possible or isn't possible as often as we'd like. For those times, now you can use our Brightening Face Mask. Chocked full of antioxidants like chamomile and calendula, vitamin C (known to stimulate collagen production!), vitamin B5, and Moroccan red clay (a mineral rich clay once reserved only for Egyptian royalty), this mask gives you that healthy, bright looking skin that it turns out we all want.

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