Why We Strive to Make Affordable Clean Skincare

Why We Strive to Make Affordable Clean Skincare

This post sort of falls in the "inside baseball" territory. It's one of those things that brands don't really talk about. But we felt compelled to share why affordable clean skincare is so important to us at Alder New York and how we do it.

Clean Skincare is for Everyone

When we won the Credo Pitch last month we were asked how we were able to offer our products at such a good price point and our answer was simple: "Because we work really hard to do that- we believe that clean skincare, haircare, and wellness products should be accessible to everyone."

The Same Luxe Ingredients

But there's more to it. You can't just will your products into being affordable. After all, we use the same great ingredients that can be found in luxe brands like Dr. Barbara Sturm and Goop by Juice Beauty  Those great ingredients do come at a premium and we don't skimp out on that good stuff.

So how do we do it? We keep our margins reasonable. We don't inflate our prices. We don't spend the bulk of product costs on packaging, the stuff you end up tossing in the recycling bin. We don't put in frivolous ingredients and colorants that sound or look cool just for the sake of marketing.

Smart Formulas that Deliver Results

What we do is develop smart formulas that deliver results using safe ingredients. We design packaging that looks great without being costly. And we focus on our mission to make clean, vegan, personal care products for everyone that are as sleek and cool as they are effective.

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