Why We Love Vitamin B3

Why We Love Vitamin B3

When we set out to create our Everyday Face Serum, we knew we wanted to include the most potent skin-saving ingredients out there; ingredients that are proven to reduce signs of aging and leave skin looking noticeably healthier. Vitamin B3, in the form of Niacinamide, is one of those superhero ingredients. Whether it’s reducing wrinkles, evening out skin tone, or combatting inflammation, studies show Niacinamide saves the day time and time again. Read on to see exactly why we knew we had to include this vitamin for optimal skincare effectiveness.

Stop Aging Before it Appears

While many of us millennials are only beginning to pay attention to wrinkles- and not ready to sign up for Botox just yet- the best thing to do now is take preventative measures. In addition to wrinkles, as we age, our skin is often drier and less even, due to our skin cells' decreased ability to regenerate. I know many of us in the office have noticed that after a night out with friends, our skin doesn't look quite as, er, fresh, as it used.

Enter Niacinamide. In a study from 2005, scientists had subjects with notable signs of aging- wrinkles, poor texture, and hyper pigmentation- apply 5% Niacinamide to half their faces for twelve weeks. At the end, the majority of subjects showed a reduction in all their skin aging concerns, in addition to improved skin elasticity. In another study in the Journal of Dermatology, scientists had thirty test subjects apply 4% Niacinamide cream to half their faces, while they applied a placebo cream to the other. At the end of the trial, the majority of subjects showed noticeably reduced wrinkles around their eyes from the niacinamide side than when they started.

Calm It Down

If there's one skincare issue we all worry about more than aging, it's acne. Even if it's the lone hormonal pimple, none of us relish waking up to bad skin. Well guess what else Niacinamide is exceptionally good for? 

You guessed it: acne! What makes Niacinamide so effective is it's ability to stop acne before it develops, by targeting inflammation. In one double blind study, acne-suffering subjects applied either a 4% Vitamin B3 gel or a 1% antimicrobial gel usually prescribed to treat acne. After 8 weeks, 82% percent of the subjects using Vitamin B3 showed reduced acne compared with 68% on the prescription gel. Even more impressive, Vitamin B3 is much safer than antimicrobial gel, which can create resistant bacterial strains on the skin.

If there's one skin-saving, superhero ingredient to use daily, it's Vitamin B3. If you want to try it out for yourself, try out our new Everyday Face Serum to see this vitamin in action.

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