An American Institution - Why We Must Fight For The United States Postal Service

An American Institution - Why We Must Fight For The United States Postal Service

When you place an order at, we want to make sure we get you your order as quickly and economically as possible- which is why we love the United States Postal Service. Time and time again their prices for shipping your orders are significantly lower then competitors like UPS or Fed Ex. Plus, the USPS delivers quicker as well! You might be wondering why we're bringing this up now. It's because the USPS as we know it is in danger. USPS just announced that they will run out of cash by September without federal help- and if that happens, it will affect us all.

An Essential Service For All Citizens

Our postal system is one of the only federal agencies that is explicitly authorized in the constitution. Our founders viewed it as an essential service for citizens to correspond and receive important goods, it has never been set up to be a highly profitable business. In fact, the USPS is required to provide flat rate postage no matter where you live in the United States- so that even if you live somewhere remote, you can still get vital medications, documents, or clothing without spending a fortune. This mandate is also why we can offer flat rate shipping and free shipping over $50 no matter where you live- even if we ship across the country, we can keep our shipping rates low. 

USPS Is In Crisis

USPS is running out of money for 3 big reasons. The biggest is that since 1982, it has been required to be fully-self funded, which means it receives no money from the federal government. But while the affordable services USPS is required to provide haven't changed, since the rise of email the volume of first class mail (and therefore USPS's revenue) has declined steadily. The 2nd issue is a 2006 law that requires USPS to pre-fund employees retirement accounts- something no other government agency is required to do. And the 3rd issue is one we are all dealing with- Covid 19, which has drastically reduced mail volume and revenue.

4 or 5 Times The Cost For Shipping

The USPS is asking for $75 billion in the next coronavirus bill. But President Trump has said he will not support any bill that includes bailout funding for the USPS unless they raise rates for packages "4 or 5 times" what they are right now for "internet companies." If the president's stipulations were to go into effect, our flat rate shipping would go from $6 to $24 (at least), and we would likely have to eliminate free shipping altogether.

However, a recent government report from the Task Force on the United States Postal System shows that there are multiple ways to raise revenue for USPS, none of which include raising rates 4 or 5 times. In the report, there are many solutions for improving the USPS that won't negotiably impact US citizens. Most importantly, a major restructuring of the USPS in the middle of a global pandemic when now more than ever, citizens needs access to affordable mail services seems down right villainous.

What You Can Do

The very best way to ensure USPS is protected is by calling your elected officials. You can look up your congresspeople here, and call or email their offices to let them know that you would like them to make sure the next Coronavirus bill includes funding for the USPS. If you'd like to take it a step further in your support for the Unites States Postal Service, might we suggest you take advantage of those affordable first class postage rates and mail them a letter? No matter how you reach them, let your reps know that the USPS is vital government agency that you support!

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