Why Vitamin C with Vitamin E is Skin Nirvana

Why Vitamin C with Vitamin E is Skin Nirvana

At Alder New York, we put a lot of thought into which ingredients go into which products. Of course, certain ingredients make sense based on what the product is supposed to do- for instance, it's logical to use hyaluronic acid in a product that is supposed to hydrate and plump skin.

But it's also important to match the correct ingredients together. Some for instance, don't work when mixed. Vitamin B3- found in our Everyday Face Serum- is an incredible skin evener, but it doesn't do well with vitamin C because they each require a very different pH to be effective. On the other hand, when you combine vitamin C with vitamin E, their combined power is far greater than the sum of its parts. 

A Little Bit About C & E

Both ingredients by themselves are pretty impressive. Topical vitamin C (aka L ascorbic acid, glyceryl ascorbate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) is a skin cell regenerator that fights free radical damage caused by sun exposure and pollution, boosts collagen production, and reduces dark spots- pretty excellent results in the skin department. 

Vitamin E (aka tocopherol acetate, dl alpha tocopherol) also has some pretty nice skincare effects- applied topically it prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and sun damage by fighting free radicals, in addition to providing nourishment and hydration.

Better Together

While both are strong on their own, when vitamin C and E are used together, studies show they have incredibly powerful antioxidant effects. While neither should be used in lieu of SPF (neither can absorb UVA or UVB rays), When applied daily, this duo can reduce the effects of sun damage - like wrinkles and sun spots- by up to 4 times!

While scientists are still trying to determine precisely why these 2 vitamins are such powerful antioxidants together, they have a few theories. Studies show that vitamin E on its own is an effective free radical fighter, but it needs vitamin C to help it regenerate once it "resolves" the damage. And while vitamin C promotes collagen- the ingredient that gives us springy, supple skin- vitamin E maintains the cross links in the fibers to keep the collagen strong.

A Tag Teaming Duo

If you want to see this powerful skin super-duo in action, you can try it in our Everyday Face Moisturizer. It's our go-to everyday moisturizer for its free radical fighting abilities that help keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free, thanks in no small part to vitamin C and E working together.

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