Why The Alder New York Team Doesn't Test On Animals

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Sometimes it seems like the whole animal testing debate falls into the kind of PETA specific camp reserved for only the most hard-core vegans among us. But at Alder New York (a place where we love a medium-rare burger just as much as the veggie kind) we realized something when we started making our products.

Animal Testing Just Isn't Necessary for us to Do

Some people argue that it's worth testing personal care products on animals if it means protecting humans, but here's the thing. In our modern, technologically advanced age, we've got a lot of previously tested ingredients to work with. Europe has a list of 11,000 ingredients it already deems safe to use in cosmetics, which gives us a lot of options!

There's also the fact that science is amazing. Today there are now a number of ways to test ingredients for things like eye irritation, skin irritation, and phototoxicity without any animals involved. 

We're psyched to have all these resources to work with, because animal testing is a pretty big bummer. The Humane Society has a pretty good breakdown of what's up, but you may want to save the read for a time when you can unwind after. 

#goodlooksgoodstuff Around the World

Because it's so unnecessary for cosmetics, animal testing is now banned in South Korea, Europe, India, Israel, and Japan (though, surprisingly, not the USA).

Unfortunately, there are still some places where animal testing is mandatory. Currently China is on that list, so we won't sell products there until that changes. (On that same note, if a product you like is sold in China, it means they had to test it on animals. Big bummer!)

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