Black is the New Jade When it Comes to Facial Rollers

It started with jade. Instagrammers storying their skincare routines, massaging oils across their face, then going to town with their milky green jade face rollers. We were all about it then. We even took a deep dive back in 2017 into the then latest skincare trend in our article The Chinese Practice of Jade Rolling is Our Latest Skincare Obsession. But that was then, and now it's 2019- bowls are out, being vegan is in, and we have a new skincare obsession and no, it's not rose quartz or amethyst. It's black obsidian, the deepest, darkest, chicest of stones and we're giving jade rollers the boot for their more mysterious cousin.

Black is the New Jade

Enter Alder New York's new Black Obsidian Facial Roller. The dual stone roller relieves tension by massaging tight muscles and knots, helps sculpt the face by reducing puffiness, and improves both circulation and lymphatic drainage. Its' smooth polished rollers are designed to glide gently over the curves of the face and to fit comfortably into your hand. And of course it looks timelessly chic.

Black Obsidian or Black Magic?

If you're someone who believes in the power of crystals, then black obsidian isn't only chic, it's also cosmically clarifying. The stone, formed from rapidly cooling lava, is believed to have cleansing powers, clearing away cosmic smog and protecting you from emotional debris. So if you're looking for a clearer complexion and a clearer cosmic life, you've found it.

Oil and Roller

Like the Black Obsidian Facial Roller's green counterpart, you should always work your roller out from the center of your face and in an upward motion. Pair it with Face Oil, Serum, or Moisturizer to help reduce friction and lubricate the roller. Additionally, be gentle- black obsidian is a strong, protective stone, but it isn't much of a match for a 4 foot drop onto a tile floor.

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