Which Is Better? Shower vs Bath

Which Is Better? Shower vs Bath

It’s one of the age-old debates. Like chunky peanut butter vs smooth, or oatmeal raisin vs chocolate chip, this is one debate that never gets resolved- until now. We decided to get to the bottom of it. Shower vs bath: which is better?

The Skin Factor

First things first. We know you're all about taking care of your skin- that's why you're here. So we wanted to know which of the two bathing options is better for maintaining healthy, good looking skin.

It turns out that where your skin is concerned, it's more about how you’re taking your bath or shower, rather than which you take. Whichever one you choose, make sure your water temperature isn’t too hot, because super hot water is drying for your skin. If you’re craving a very hot soak, a bath may be the better option, because the water will cool down as it sits over time, which means you’re not exposing your skin to super hot water for very long.

And wash that movie-ideal version of a crazy bubbly bath from your mind. To make all those crazy bubbles, that bubble bath product is loaded with tons of SLS and other chemicals that are harmful and drying to your skin. Whether you take a bath or shower, make sure you’re picking clean skincare options to keep your skin happy, hydrated, and soothed.

The Mental Health Factor

After a stressful day, nothing can sound better than a hot bath or shower. So which is better to de-stress? When it comes to your brain, it’s probably a draw. Baths can do an excellent job of calming down your mind and body, especially when you add in different soaks and essential oils that can add to the relaxation experience. But studies show that for mental health, a hot shower can be just as beneficial.

So if you're a city dweller with tons of roommates, and it grosses you out to even think about putting your body into your apartment's bath, know that a hot shower can be just as beneficial for calming you down after a tough day. In this case, it's really a preference thing.

The Clean Factor

Then there’s the main reason most of us take a bath or shower- to get clean. And in this case, there is a clear winner: The shower. If you’re coming back from the gym, have makeup to wash off, or had an active day, a shower is the way to go. Why? Because a shower washes that dirt, bacteria, and grime you're rinsing off right down the drain. If you take a bath, you’re sitting in the same dirt and grime you’re trying to remove.

Purpose is Everything 

So which is it: bath or shower? It turns out, it all depends on your end goal. Who knew bathing would be so philosophical? But really, it turns out that for day to day cleanliness, a shower is the way to go. And when you shower, make sure you're doing it the right way. But if you have a relaxing bath routine you love, by all means, use it. But keep it for that purpose- as a way to unwind and relax, rather than as a way to get clean. 

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