What's the Deal with Pores?

What's the deal with pores? We all have them and it seems like the only thing they are responsible for is getting clogged, looking huge, and causing general skin problems. Obviously they have a function other than being annoying, but could you say what they actually do? Our guess is that they're pretty much a mystery to most people, so we decided to create a brief "All About Your Pores" explainer.

What's a Pore?

Pores are little tiny openings in our skin that allow the glands below our skin to secrete fluids like oil and sweat. There are two types of pores: oil secreting ones, aka hair follicles, and then there's sweat secreting ones. The oil secreting ones are all over our bodies with the exception of the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet. The sweat releasing type are found everywhere.

Can You Shrink Pores?

Like our waistlines, most of us want smaller pores. So you may wonder, is there something that can actually shrink them? When it comes to topical treatments, actually shrinking your pores isn't possible, but some topical treatments can make pores appear smaller by encouraging cell turnover, to reveal younger and tighter looking pores.

Some laser treatments available at a dermatologists office and some prescription medications design to treat acne can actually shrink the size of your pores.

Can You Make Your Pores Larger?

If you can shrink pores and make them look smaller, can you make them look bigger, too? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Sun damage and pimple popping can damage the structure of your pores, making them larger. By which I mean, they won't just appear larger, but actually become larger. 

You can also make your pores appear larger if you don't exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells.

Why do Pores get Clogged?

Pores get clogged when a combination of dead skin cells, oil, moisturizer, or cosmetics get blocked in them, and the result is what we know of as blackheads. Unfortunately, everyone is bound to get a blackhead every once in a while, but worry not: we have a step by step guide for getting rid of blackheads you can follow to keep your pores and your overall complexion looking great!

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