What the F is Horsetail Powder?

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We knew we had some explaining to do when one of our customers told us how much she loved our Texture Powder, but she felt bad for the horses. On our original packaging for our Texture Powder, when you flipped the box to the ingredient list, you'd see a strange sounding ingredient: horsetail powder. For someone unfamiliar with the ingredient, visions of beautiful horses getting their long glorious tails clipped off and then ground into a powder would probably come to mind. Fortunately, Horsetail powder, also know as Shavegrass, has nothing to do with horses. It's actually an ancient herb that has been used in eastern medicine for centuries.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Horsetail powder is a reed-like plant that somewhat resembles a horse's tail, hence the name. It's used as an oral supplement to treat a number of conditions from urinary tract infections and gout to hair loss and wound healing. While the FDA hasn't approved the herb for most of the conditions it's intended to treat, it's been a constant in eastern medicine.

Glorious Hair

While many take horsetail powder in the form of supplements and teas, our Texture Powder formula takes the topical approach. When applied to the scalp, it's believed to help with improving dandruff, hair loss, and split ends. Horsetail is packed with minerals like manganese, calcium, iron, and flavonoids, and it's also a natural source of silica, which improves hair luster and strengthens the hair shaft. It's your hair's best friend!

No More Confusion

To clear up any confusion, we've updated our packaging to refer to Horsetail powder as Shavegrass. It a less alarming name, devoid of any  connotations of animal cruelty. 

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