The Truth About Drinking That Celebrities Already Know

The Truth About Drinking That Celebrities Already Know

Drinking is bad for you. There's no way around it. “The evidence is adding up that no amount of drinking is safe,” says University of Washington professor, Emmanuela Gakidou.

Earlier this year, a depressing new study published in The Lancet concluded that the old adage that moderation is key doesn't apply when it comes to alcohol. A person that has just 1 drink a day is 0.5% more likely to develop 23 alcohol related diseases. With 2 drinks a day it jumps up to 7%, with 5 drinks, 37%.

Not So Good Looks

If that doesn't scare you out of enjoying that extra glass of wine with dinner then maybe your vanity will. Drinking also accelerates the appearance of aging and can wreak havoc on our skin.

If you need evidence of how abstaining from alcohol can keep you looking your best, turn to age-defying celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Toby Maguire, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell, and Natalie Portman, who all don't touch the stuff.

For the rest of us who choose to indulge in a drink or 2, here are a few of the effects alcohol has on our good looks.

Wrinkly and Dehydrated

This may be one of the less surprising effects of drinking, but alcohol seriously dehydrates you. It's a diuretic aka it makes you pee. It also makes it harder for your body to rehydrate. And just like a dehydrated grape the result is wrinkled, raisin looking skin. 

Inflammation and Redness

Alcohol causes internal inflammation resulting in puffiness and redness. It causes blood vessels to expand allowing more blood to flow to them, occasionally resulting in burst blood vessels. This results in red and purple spots on the skin.

Hangovers and Fatigue

So many celebs stay away from alcohol for the simple reason that they need to get things done. The one effect that everyone who has ever had a few too many knows is the hangover and terrible night's sleep that comes with it. The lack of good sleeps effects everything from your body's ability to produce collagen to the bags under your eyes. Plus, the addition of feeling hungover the next day means that you're less likely to make that early trip to the gym or complete your usual skincare routine.

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