What do Those Symbols on Alder New York Products Mean?

On every Alder New York product, you'll notice tiny little symbols below the name of the product. A customers once referred to them as skincare hieroglyphics, which is what we've began to call them when talking around the studio. We have also had customers ask- What do they mean? And how do you use them as a customer? That's why we're here- to provide you with a key to Alder New York's skincare and haircare hieroglyphics

Skincare & Haircare Hieroglyphics

There's a singular system that works for all of Alder New York's logographic language, whether it's Texture Powder or a Clarifying Face Mask. If the same symbol appears on both, it has the same meaning. Check out the key below so you can be an Alder New York expert.


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