Wellness Getaway in Santa Fe, New Mexico

We all need a vacation every now and again. Sometimes, that vacation falls into the party-mode category, e.g. that bachelor/ette trip where you spent nights on end drinking too much alcohol on too little sleep and hope you never recover all the hazy details.

But then, on the other hand, there’s a little thing called the wellness getaway. While the wellness getaway can surely include a couple glasses of wine, its main focus is on doing all those things that make your body and mind feel amazing. A wellness getaway involves some sort of fun daily exercise,  food that falls into the delicious healthyish category, and a massage and some meditation to keep you in the super-relaxed zone. 

There is one place that fulfills all of the wellness getaway requirements, and adds some ridiculously scenic views. That place is Santa Fe. If you are looking for a place to unwind physically, mentally, and dare we say, emotionally, then look no further than this mountain peaked city in New Mexico.

Spa It Up

Upon arrival, immediately book some time at Ojo Caliente, a natural hot springs spa situated right in the heart of the mountains. Make sure to set yourself up with one of their spa packages - perhaps a custom massage, hot oil hair therapy treatment, and reflexology foot therapy. Then, spend the rest of the time when you’re not getting pampered immersed in the various outdoor springs, like the lithium pool, iron pool, and mud pool, all of which contain healing properties. Take in the panoramic mountain views while your body and mind unwind. 

If you’re looking for another day full day of relaxation (and this is a wellness getaway, so what else should you be doing?) then plan a day at Ten Thousand Waves. This Japanese hot spring inspired spa is tranquil in the extreme, with a minimalist, elevated aesthetic. Book a hot tub cabana for you and your plus-ones to luxuriate among the piñon trees, and add a Deep Stone massage and Oxygen Facial to walk out feeling like your very best self. 

Hike it Out

When you’re fully pampered, it’s probably time to take a hike through one of the crazy beautiful natural environments that Santa Fe provides. The Chamisa Trail will take you through five winding miles of aspen forest, while the Tent Rock National Monument allows you hike through six -million-year-old volcanic ash rocks.

Eat it Up

And don’t forget to eat. When hunger beckons, head to Doctor Field Good’s Kitchen. Located in an unassuming strip mall, it may seem like it would be a dive, but is far from it. This eclectic spot serves up a fusion of classic New Mexican and traditional bistro fare; think lots of green chiles in unusual places. Try the the charred Caesar salad, and the pica de galo pizza, to go with that previously mentioned end of-day glass of wine. After all that relaxing, you've earned it.

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