We're Donating 25% of All Sales to Help Immigrant and Refugee Families

We're Donating 25% of All Sales to Help Immigrant and Refugee Families

Today we will be donating 25% of all aldernewyork.com sales to RAICES, a non profit agency providing free and low cost legal services to immigrant and refugee families in Texas. We’re doing this in response to what is happening at the border.

What's Happening at the Border

Immigrants and refugees from Central America are coming to the US, many seeking asylum. That means they are escaping a “credible fear of persecution” in their home countries. US law asserts that refugees seeking asylum must be accepted, but in recent months the number of accepted asylum seekers has decreased. In addition a new “Zero Tolerance Policy” has been adopted, creating more "illegal" immigrants that are charged with a federal misdemeanor. This has escalated into a humanitarian crises, as Border Patrol is separating children from their parents who await trial.

As of June 20th, a new executive order put a halt to these family separations. However, this does not help the children already separated from their parents, and creates a new crisis, as whole families are now being held in detention camps.

Why We Care

We founded Alder New York based on the principal of making ethical personal care products. We believe that everyone should be treated equally. We are also proud to work with businesses that celebrate family- many of our factories and manufacturers are family owned businesses. We don't believe in prosecuting or separating families who are coming here seeking asylum or a better life.

What You Can Do to Help

You can donate to organizations helping these families! We support and are donating to RAICES, and also recommend ActBlue, which will divide your donation between 12 separate non profits helping kids separated by ICE.

You can also donate your time! If you are a lawyer, mental health professional, translator, or feel like you have skills that can help, head over to the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation to find out how you can help.

You can march! On Saturday June 30th there are nationwide marches for Families Belong Together. Click here to see where the nearest march is to you. If you live in Texas, there is also a march in Tornillo at the port of entry, this Sunday the 24th to End Family Detention.

You can call your reps and vote! Find our how to call your representatives here or use Resist Bot to send them letters and emails. 

And remember, you make the biggest impact when you vote. Voting is the number one thing you can do from now until always! So make sure you’re voting in your local elections as well as the big national ones. We like Voterheads: enter your zipcode, and they will update you anytime there is a local election you can vote in.

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