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Summer means picnics, bike rides, surfing, rosé in the park, and beach getaways. With all these activities you need a hairstyle and products that are going to go with the flow as much as you are. Enter summer hair. Summer hair is hair that involves minimal effort and looks good even with increased humidity and a bike ride or two. There are a few different ways to go about getting your ideal summer hair, and all of them mean you'll save time in your summer styling routine.

Cut it Off

If you’ve been wanting to go shorter, now is the time. This could mean shaving the sides (always a cool look), buzzing the whole thing off, or getting a textured, feathery look that removes a lot of length. Whatever you decide, you will love how much quicker your hair dries and how much easier it is to style, meaning you can surf, dive, and swim all day with abandon and still be ready to go out to dinner immediately after.

Embrace Your Texture

Trying to fight the frizz? Don’t bother. A shorter cut will eliminate a lot of frizz issues to begin with, but so will just embracing the way your hair wants to be. Summer hair is all about texture, curls, and waves, so use products that highlight this. A sea-salt styling spray is perfect for enhancing texture, as is our Texture Powder, which adds body and volume with minimal effort and lets you skip a shampoo or two. Again, you want to focus on your fun summer activities, not how you’re going to find a hair dryer when you’re done.

Slick it Back

Nobody doesn’t look sophisticated with a slicked back 'do. This style is better for the dudes and ladies who aren’t going short for the summer, and it literally just involves taking your wet hair and combing it straight back. Add a little bit of Beeswax Pomade (you want a product with a light hold that doesn’t feel too sticky) to keep it back, and you’re done.

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