The Right Way to Wash Your Face. Seriously.

The Right Way to Wash Your Face. Seriously.

Working for a company focused on unisex grooming and wellness basics, sometimes I take for granted that men and women learned the same basic skincare routine. Because, as a woman, I’ve had it drilled into me in every women's magazine to always wash my face and moisturize, I mistakenly assume dudes got the same memo. But, the more we speak to our amazing male customers and learn their routines, the more I realize that is definitely not the case. A lot of guys (and some gals) didn’t get the same skin cleansing drill I grew up, we all should have, because skin is skin, no matter what gender you identify as. So let me tell you, while it may sound nuts, there’s actually more to washing your face than a quick swipe of soap and water whenever you take a shower. Here’s a quick run down to get the most out of that face cleansing routine. 

Use the Right Soap

The skin on our face is more sensitive than the skin our hands and other parts of our bodies, so a gentle cleanser is extra important for face washing. Definitely toss any soaps that contain sodium laurel sulfate, which is super harsh on skin. Also look for soaps that are pH balanced, to best match your skin’s happiest acidic state. This will keep your pores tighter and help balance oil production.

Get into the Deep Clean

I cannot get enough of my Clarisonic, and once my boyfriend gave it a shot he was also hella on board. It doesn’t have to be that particular brand, but similar to an electric toothbrush on your teeth, an electric powered cleanser is going to get deeper into your pores than manually washing, but still be gentle. The best part is I can be my laziest self and let the electronic cleanser do all the work for me.

Avoid the Heat

Hot water feels good, but it's too drying for your skin. Lukewarm water is that sweet spot that feels good without scalding your skin and still opens up your pores a bit for the soap to grab any grease and grime. Pro tip: finish off your wash with a splash of cold water. This will close your open pores for tight, smooth looking skin.

Pat, Don’t Rub

This may seem like nitpicking, but it actually makes a difference how you dry your skin! When it’s time to dry your face, make sure to gently pat it dry. It’s actually a lot better for you than rubbing, which can tear delicate skin, especially around your eyes.

Do it Once a Day

Especially for peeps who don’t wear makeup, there’s no need to wash your face twice daily, but you definitely should be doing it at least once a day. The best time is usually at the end of the day, before bed, to get at the pollutants and grime that build up just from being a human in the world. You know those annoying blackheads we all get around our noses? Just washing your face daily will cut down on these considerably (and a face mask once a week will likely take care of the rest).

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