The Right Way to Towel Dry

The Right Way to Towel Dry

Here at Alder New York, we’re about making making all things skincare, haircare, and grooming related easier, not more complicated. So bear with us if this seems a little nit picky, because it’s actually important. It turns out that there is actually a right way to towel dry your wet face, body, and hair. The bad news is that it may mean changing up you current habits. The good news is that it’s a super easy fix, and your skin and hair will be so much healthier for it.

Rub a Dub Don’t

We’ve all seen a movie or commercial where the main character, post shower, aggressively rubs at their hair and body with a flourish. That physicality may be more interesting for the camera, but off-screen, doing that is a surefire way to micro tear your skin and damage your hair follicles and ends. What you should be doing to dry off is gently patting at your body and face to absorb water, and pressing your hair into your towel and squeezing gently to pull out moisture.

Softer is Better

It also may be time to upgrade your shower game. When it comes to towels now is the time to treat yourself to something soft and absorbent. Plush Egyptian or pima cotton towels will be the most absorbent and softest on your skin, though rayon/cotton blends can do the trick and tend to dry a bit faster. Try to avoid polyester, which isn’t doing you many favors post bath- it’s less absorbent and tends to get scratchy after a few washes, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

Wash Early Wash Often

The final step is to wash you towels frequently. If you’re secretly thinking, but I only use my towel to dry off my clean hair and body, so why do I need to wash them often, you’re not alone. I too have had that thought, and there's actually some logic to it. The real reason to wash your towels regularly is the mold and bacteria that grows due to the moisture in your towels while they're drying. The problem is not you- it’s them. To keep things hygienic, you should be washing your towels after every 3-4 uses, so, assuming you shower at least daily, you should wash your towels once or twice a week. If that feels like too much work, please see paragraph above, and consider treating yourself to 2 towels to alternate, so you can go longer between washes.


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