The Pasta Dish Golde's Issey Kobori Makes for Dinner at Least Twice A Week

The Pasta Dish Golde's Issey Kobori Makes for Dinner at Least Twice A Week

We asked members of our community to share what they've been cooking over and over again while spending more time at home. Issey Kobori, co-founder of superfood wellness brand, Golde, shares the pasta dish he and his co-founder and partner Trinity Mouzon Wofford eat at least twice a week.

I made the pasta by hand with a really simple recipe of semolina flour and warm water that I learned while in Puglia. The ratio of flour to water usually ends up at about 4:1 but really varies. For shapes like orecchiette and cavatelli I like to sun dry them for extra crunch when cooked but for tagliatelle I usually cook them right away.

Issey Kobori of Golde Makes PAstaA staple in our fridge are oyster mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with crushed garlic and dried spices (usually basil + fennel seeds). I let the mushrooms get really dark and dry then hit them with a combination of homemade stock that I make from all of our veggies scraps and pasta cooking water (you can totally just use the pasta cooking water.)

For this version, I threw in some turnip tops, sweet potato, and carrot. Since I cut them pretty small, I just tossed these into the pan with the mushrooms after I added the liquid. You want to make sure that what you have in the pan is pretty wet so that when you toss in the pasta you end up with a really nice amount of sauce. 

Once plated I topped with a super simple homemade cheese that you can make by heating milk, adding in something to curdle it (white vinegar/lemon juice) and then pressing out the liquid. This type of cheese doesn't use any rennet so is vegetarian. I prefer using raw milk which you can pick up from your local farmer but more often than not I am using something conventional/store bought. Just make sure that your milk isn't UHT pasteurized because then you will end up with a really weak curd if it curdles at all.

We probably eat this dish or something like it at minimum 2x a week.

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