The 5 House Plants You Should Keep in Your Bathroom

The 5 House Plants You Should Keep in Your Bathroom

It's been debunked that houseplants can remove toxins from the air in your home but we still like to think that having a little greenery around the house keeps the positive vibes flowing. We especially like to have a houseplant or 2 in our bathrooms to cultivate the eco spa aesthetic that makes self care in our everyday bathrooms just a little nicer. Bathrooms have their own climate- often humid, warm, and sometimes on the darker side (we're looking at you tiny NYC apartment), making bathrooms ideal for a certain group of plants. Here we share the top 5 houseplants that will love living in your bathroom.

Snake Plants

Snake plants aka mother-in-laws tongue aka Sansevieria trifasciata is a super easy plant to care for with long architectural leaves that make a real statement in any space. They are particularly suited for a bathroom because they can tolerate just about any level of light and don't need much watering- it's possible they won't need any watering at all in the right bathroom setting.


Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) are vine-y plants that come in different varieties from plants with dark green, variegated and speckled, to bright yellow leaves. They also like to avoid direct sunlight and have soil that remains moist, making them perfectly suited to a damp bathroom.


While definitely not in the easy-to-care-for category, orchids (Orchidaceae) are well suited for the humid environment of a bathroom. They like filtered light and plenty of water. Just make sure they have a chance to dry out between waterings.

Spider Plants

Spider plants (Chlorophytumcomosum) have long spikey leaves that droop around pots and hanging baskets, making them great for placing atop a bathroom cabinet or hanging from a ceiling. They like the humidity of the bathroom and shoot off little baby spider plants which can be easily propagated.

Air Plants

Air plants are a group of plants from the Tillandsia genius that do not need to be planted in soil and just need a bit of misting as a watering requirement. They would be perfect in a glass shower enclosure sucking up the humidity and loving the occasional mist of the shower. Just make sure they get plenty of light and give them a little extra spritz if your bathroom doesn't provide enough humidity.

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