The Do Good, Feel Good Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It's that time a year again- it's Gift Giving Season! This year we're giving gifts that do good, promote healthy living, are made responsibly, and of course will be loved by their recipient.


For Your Fashion Obsessed Little Sister

Angela Roi makes some of the most dreamy of bags. The dreamiest part? They're made from vegan leather so you can feel good while you look good. The Angelou Mini Bucket Bag has a fabric interior, a shoulder strap, hand strap, and magnetic closure. Plus part of each purchase goes to local humane shelters to help animals in need.

Angela Roi Angelou Mini Bucket Bag $185.00


For Your Furry Friend

We all love our pets and could never forget them when it comes to our holiday shopping. Nooee's Pet Cave is the perfect little home for your favorite furry friend. It's made of a lightweight fabric cone that zips apart to easily roll up into a yoga mat like bag, making traveling extra easy. Plus, it's super stylish. 

Nooee Pet Cave $49.50


For Your Golf Loving Dad

If your dad is the kind of guy who can't get enough time out on the green, then Dixon's eco-friendly golf balls will do the trick. They're free of toxic heavy metals and are 100% recyclable, making a small dent in the nearly 300 millions golf balls that are tossed out each year. 

Dixon Wind Golf Balls $32.95

For Your Coffee Obsessed Bestie

The coffee snob or endless tea drinker in your life will love the Stagg. It's an electric kettle with LCD screen and built in timer to heat water to the perfect temperature. And it's designed to provide the ideal pour-over coffee flow rate, with the bonus of looking chic in matte black.

Fellow Stagg EKG $149.00


For Your College Student Cousin

Cramming for exams and partying hard can leave #selfcaresunday on the back burner. Give your overwhelmed college student cousin a bottle of Alder New York Texture Powder. The natural formula will give hair that needs a shower but has to get to class 15 minutes ago a much needed instant freshening up.

Alder New York Texture Powder $27.00

For Your Yogi Mom

Your mom reads Goop religiously, she goes to yoga every day, and she loves a good detox. Upgrade her tired Swell bottle for a new Kor One BPA-free Water Bottle. This lightweight, durable rose gold design will be the envy of all of mom's friends.

Kor One Rose Gold Water Bottle $30.00


For Your Jet Setting Older Brother

Does your brother seem to be on a plane heading somewhere for work, a wedding, or a vacation all the time? Then help him out with an Alder New York Everyday Skincare Travel Set. Comprised of a TSA compliant cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, this 3 part travel system will keep his skin looking its best wherever he is. Plus, it's vegan and made with clean ingredients!

Alder New York Everyday Skincare Travel Set $50.00


For Your Sweet Grandparents

Give Grandma and Grandpa a set of Loving Earth Chocolate Bars to satisfy their sweet tooth. This set includes 3 flavors, Salted, Creamy, and Dark, that are vegan, organic, fair trade and come in compostable packaging. Your grandparents might not appreciate the environmental and socially responsible features, but you will!

Loving Earth Chocolate Bar 3 Pack $28.95

For The Person That Has It All

Gift giving is hard when it's for someone who seems to have everything they could ever want. When nothing feels special enough or quite right, go with the gift of giving and make a donation in their name. We like non-partisan organizations like the ASPCA, Girls Inc., Charity Water, The Trevor Project, and Puppies Behind Bars.

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