The Deep Cleaning Pore Dream

The Deep Cleaning Pore Dream

Summer skin is a whole different animal than winter skin. While in winter we look for products that provide extra hydration to prevent chapped, dry, irritated skin, in summer we often want products that deep clean. Turns out that that daily application of (absolutely necessary) sunscreen, sweat that comes with all the fun summer activities, and extra outdoor time can lead to clogged pores, acne, and excess oil that needs to be remedied.

When our skin needs that extra deep clean, there’s one super ingredient in skincare that we turn to time and time again: activated charcoal. This ingredient has the ability to suck up dirt and grime like a sponge- the crucial ingredient for summer skin.

Activated charcoal is a treated carbon with an incredibly high surface area to size ratio-three grams of it has the same amount of surface area as a football field! This surface area is naturally very adsorbent, and it loves to suck up non-acidic substances. Our skin is naturally acidic, so when we use it in skincare, it bypasses our skin to suck up whatever is underneath- e.g. excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. It’s a deep clean dream.

During these summer months when our skin needs that uber clean, we’re hooked on products that feature activated charcoal. We won't take a shower without Palermo Body’s Grapefruit and Juniper Charcoal Soap, which uses activated bamboo charcoal to draws out impurities, while grapefruit and juniper oil balance and cleanse skin.

For post shower, our Charcoal & Aloe Face Mask provide a deep clean while using healing botanicals to soothe blemished skin. If you’re more into cream masks, then our Clarifying Face Mask is a 3-5 minute application that uses activated charcoal combined with zinc, rosemary extract, and willow bark extract to cleanse pores and control oil.

No matter how you use it, activated charcoal is the summer skincare ingredient you'll soon be calling your summer staple. 

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