The Clear Skin Booster You Didn't Know You Needed

In addition to all the many good things about getting older- giving way less Fs what people think about me, understanding the difference between a Roth IRA and a regular IRA-there are also some annoying downsides. Hangovers seems to have gotten exponentially worse, and my once cast-iron stomach no longer seems so down with me eating whatever I want, whenever I want. 

In my quest to regain my youthful vigor, I've gone deep done the rabbithole of probiotics, because, it turns out, probiotics are amazing digestive aids. It also turns out that not only are probiotics awesome for gut health (yay!) but they are also pretty darn great for your skin (double yay)!

What are Probiotics?

So what are probiotics? They're the "good" bacteria that live in our gut, and control things like digestion, boost our immune system, and consume and eliminate "bad" bacteria. These bad bacteria, as well as yeast and pathogens that probiotics also control, often lead to a host of annoying stomach issues, which is why probiotics are so incredible at helping with thing like irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and inflammation. 

These same gut issues are often a major source of skin inflammation and acne. When our gut can't break down and absorb the good nutrients and eliminate the toxins from the food we eat, that is reflected in our skin. By bringing in probiotics, we help to create a healthy gut microbiome- a balanced system full of all that good bacteria that allows both our gut and our skin to be its healthiest.

It's All About Those Live Cultures

So where to get all those awesome probiotics? Look to fermented foods like kimchi, sour kraut, miso, and kefir (you can also try yogurt, but make sure to look for ones that say active, live cultures on the label. Most pasteurized yogurts don't actually have this). You can also try a probiotic supplement - you'll want to use one that requires refrigeration, as the whole point of a probiotic is that it is alive, and therefore, not shelf stable.

Personally, I've become a massive fan of kombucha. I love the tingly, slightly sour taste, and find it super thirst quenching (especially when dealing with one of those aforementioned killer hangovers). I'm also a huge fan of David's recipe for Kimchi Grilled Cheese, which combines my new love, probiotics, with my first love: melty cheese.

Regardless of how you take them, you'll likely love the results. With a combination of a happier stomach, stronger immune system, and glowy, clear skin, what's not to love about probiotics?

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