The Chinese Practice of Jade Rolling is Our Latest Skincare Obsession

Facialists, estheticians, dermatologists, and skincare fanatics are all adding a new (old) tool to their tool boxes: the jade roller. This 7th century Chinese skincare tool is simple to use, feels comforting on the skin, and provides visible results, making it the simplest addition to anyone's skincare routine.

Work That Qi

Jade rolling improves skin elasticity, releases built up fluid and inflammation, and tones muscles for a healthier, youthful complexion. A jade roller can be used on the face, neck, and other parts of the body to promote blood circulation and the flow of Qi, or the Chinese medicinal concept of energy flow.

The rollers are made of smooth, polished jade stones that are believed to have both protective and healing properties. The light green stones also have a cool, soothing quality that eases stressed and inflamed skin. The roller gently works muscles like a massage, releasing tension by pressing and compressing.

A Workout For Your Face

When focusing on the face, work the roller from the base of the neck up to your hairline. This counteracts the effects of gravity and tones the facial muscles. It's like working your face out the way you work your body out with a foam roller at your gym.

Roll Your Way to Better Skin

Jade rolling is easy enough to do at home and takes no professional experience to implement into a daily skincare routine. We suggest rolling after using a face mask or applying a moisturizer or serum to help work active ingredients deeper into the skin. Jade rolling is also extremely affordable, making it accessible for just about anyone. There's really no excuse for why you're not already rolling your way to better looking skin!

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