The Age Preventing Treatment Everyone Should Be Doing

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If you're guilty of indulging in a Housewives marathon every once in a while, as I'm wont to do, then you're probably familiar with all the latest cosmetic surgeries and anti-aging treatments ever invented. I'm lucky enough to even go to the same doctor that Sonja Morgan goes to to gets her vagina resurfacing treatments. I'm fairly familiar with age prevention treatments, to say the least,. 

But there's one body part that even the Housewives can't seem to roll back the hands of time on- their hands. Just take a closer look. A person's hands are one of the most revealing signs of aging, but most people don't give much thought to treating them.

Our hands are the body part most often exposed to the elements; wind, sun exposure, and household cleaners wreak havoc on them, making age spots, and dry, crepey skin more prevalent than on other parts of our body. A great solution for this is regular hand masks. It turns out that the same masks you apply to your face (sheet masks excluded) can have the same great effects on your hands.

Turning Back The Hands of Time

A mask will improve blood flow, circulation, and reduce inflammation, reducing puffiness and balancing your skin's complexion. Additionally, a hand mask application will exfoliate dry and crepe-like skin and encourage new cell turnover and collagen production. 

Sit Back and Watch Some Housewives

Apply a mask, like Alder New York's Red Clay & A.C.V. Face Mask,to the backs of you hands and your wrists.. Then sit in front of your TV and watch some Housewives. After a few minutes pass, wash your hands off and then pat them dry. Then follow up with a moisturizer or serum. Repeat weekly along with your regular face mask routine and your hands will look as youthful as your precious face.

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