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Our sense of smell is powerful. A blend of carefully designed essential oils can perk a person up, help with concentration, or even calm a racing mind. A sniff of a familiar aroma can transport a person through time and space. The right fragrance, for a few moments, can take us on a trip to just about anywhere. Finding that right composition of fragrance notes and accords isn't an easy one. Boys Smells, an LA-based candle company, seems to have figured it out. Once you put the flame of a match to the cotton wick of a Boy Smells candle, you'll understand why we had to stock them. Here are four of our favorite scents and a little description of where they'll take you.

Redwood Scented Candle

A combination of rare woods like Indonesian teak, purple sandalwood and cedar give this candle its unique scent. Imagine walking through California's Redwood National Park and taking in a deep breath of fresh air: woodsy, fresh, and majestic.

Ash scented candle

The fresh smell of dry hay, charcoal grilling, and a summer bonfire provides a momentary break from your daily routine. Boy Smells Ash candle is rich, warm, and will make you feel deeply nostalgic for Camp Anawanna.

Lanai Scented Candle

The Golden Girl's theme song will spring to mind when you get a whiff of this tropical vacation scent. Hang out with the girls on the lanai and enjoy the smile inducing notes of coconut, fresh orange blossoms, and pink peppercorns.  

Gardener Scented Candle

Take off your gardening gloves and enjoy the fruits of your harvest. Fresh ripe tomatoes still on the vine scent the air along with the green floral notes of summer honeysuckle and relaxing white tea.

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