Should You be Butt Masking?

I don't have a butt. I'll admit it. Okay, so technically I have a butt, but it's more of a lower back that transitions into legs situation. So I acknowledge that it's sort of strange that I'm writing about the subject of butt masking.

What is Butt Masking?

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's as simple as it sounds. The idea is that your butt needs the same love and attention that your face does. There are numerous brands creating masks specifically for improving the appearance of your back side. They range from sheet masks to clay masks and, not so surprisingly, they aren't that different than the face focused variety. The only exception is you're not going to be able to sit around on your sofa watching Netflix- more likely you'll be laying on your stomach waiting for your mask to do its thing.

What does Butt Masking Do?

When it comes to butt masks the claims range from firming and plumping, which is absolutely possible with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils and butters, to smoothing and buffing- likely the result of exfoliating clays and acids. But that sort of it- don't expect to get a Kim K backside from a butt mask. 

Should You be Butt Masking?

If you want to improve the skin on your derrière, butt masking is going to be your new favorite pastime. It's simple, effective and maybe just a little awkward. Do you need to purchase butt specific masks? Probably not, unless you want to use sheet masks. So go ahead and purchase an Alder New York Face Mask and coat your backside. We would love to hear your thoughts- just your thoughts. Save your pics for someone special.

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