"Self Care" Isn't What You Think

"Self Care" Isn't What You Think

The term “Self-Care,” is getting a lot of play these days. Apparently, Google searches for the term spiked to their highest in five years in the days right after the election (incidentally, my Google searches for “how to make a very strong old fashioned,” also spiked at this time). So what’s the deal with self care and why is your instagram feed being bombarded with #selfcaresundays?

Self care can mean a lot of things, but we like to think of it as time put aside to give yourself what you need to mentally unwind without feeling guilty. This doesn’t mean going totally crazy on fried chicken and eating Fuku sandwiches till your stomach hurts. But it does maybe mean looking forward to and then enjoying one for dinner while you watch you favorite show, which makes you more mentally prepared to handle stress at work the next day. Or it can mean you have a weekly relaxation routine where you dab on some aromatherapy oils, lie in bed, and read your favorite magazine or a good book and avoid the news for a few hours so you are better able to take it in when you’re done. Self care is about giving yourself the time to unwind so that you are stronger after.

So if you haven’t hopped on the self care train yet, go ahead and give it a try. You may struggle at first if you’re someone who feels guilty when doing something that feels (at first) “unproductive.” But we guarantee that you will feel so much better, and more able to take on the real work you have, from it. Indulge a little, and bring on the better you.

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