Our Philosophy: Less is More- Minimalism In Personal Care Products

Simplicity is wonderful. Who doesn't wish things could be simple, uncomplicated, and easy? That's what we say whenever we think about developing a new product: Is it necessary? Will it make our lives and our customers' lives better?

We started Alder New York because we didn't understand why skincare and haircare had to be so complicated. We didn't understand why companies would sell a "men's soap" and "woman's soap" that were identical with the exception of gendered packaging. We didn't understand why a simple product like a lip balm would be filled with chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that didn't aide in moisturizing and hydrating your lips.

Our Philosophy is simple- less is more. Personal care products shouldn't be made with surplus ingredients. They should be made with effective ingredients, and safe ingredients. Products that aren't gender specific shouldn't be marketed as gendered. And beauty and grooming products should make you feel and look good. It's just that simple.

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