Our New Year's Resolutions: What Happened in 2016 and What We'll Be Doing in 2017

2016 has been quite a year and it's time to start planning for the future. It's resolution time, that once a year moment when we get a chance to think about all our lofty ambitions for the new year. We're planning what hobbies we'll take up, how many pounds we'll be able to lose, and how we'll be able to make 2017 better than the past year. This year we're sharing our personal and professional resolutions for the future with you, our customers. 

Grow. Grow. Grow.

This isn't a new ambition for the ANY Team over the past five years. We've always had the ambition to grow the company, and luckily we have. This year we saw a lot of changes: our award-winning customer-favorite Natural Hair Powder got a major makeover in the form of our new 11.90-B1 Texture Powder. Our equally award winning and popular Lip Balms also saw a revamp, trading in their former tin packaging for a more convenient twist tube. We also saw the addition of our easy to use Face Masks, Youth to the People's vegan skincare line, and The Greater Goods handmade soaps.

We're always looking for new items we want to stock, and we spend a lot of time developing new products. In 2017 we hope to see the release of a few of these exciting new products, to expand our goal of providing uncomplicated essentials.

Be More Mindful

Mindfulness is always a priority for us. It's why we started this business in the first place, to make personal care products that are safe, effective, and responsibly made from sustainable ingredients. But there is always room to expand our ability to understand in both our personal and business lives. In 2017 we hope to better understand our local and world community so we can make better decisions, make our products better, make our customers happier, and make life more enjoyable.

Keep It Simple

A big part part of why we gave our hair powder and lip balm a makeover was to simplify things. We wanted to make our products more user friendly by putting our Texture Powder in a light weight shaker bottle and putting our lip balm in an easy-to-apply twist tube. We wanted to cut back on our heavy glass and aluminum packaging in our new designs- this made them more affordable, less expensive to ship, and resulted in less damaged products, broken glass, and spills. We wanted to make things simple, and we promise to continue to improve our current range to provide the most effective, uncomplicated products in the coming year.  

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