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Winter in New York City can be horrible. Far from the wonderland so often portrayed in movies, it oscillates between bitter, dirty-slush filled cold, and warmer rain-soaked grey days. Either way, the sun is down by 4:30 PM so, depending on when you get to and from work, it can feel like there was never any sun at all.

If you can't tell, I generally need a little break during this time; some R&R for my body and soul. So this winter my boyfriend and I packed our glamping bags (long underwear, flannel, Texture Powder, check) and headed upstate for a few nights in a tricked out tiny cabin, courtesy of Getaway. 

I was turned on to Getaway by Alder New York friend, artist Caroline Kaufman, whose pictures of the forest taken from one of Getaway cabin's giant windows made me want to get to wherever she was, STAT. I was slightly nervous about a cabin trip during the winter, but each Getaway is heated, which makes it lovely for cold weather stays, and has a little kitchen with necessary tools to make my requisite snow-day hot cider and whiskey. It's basically the ideal location to indulge in the nesting trend I keep hearing about

Waking up the first morning there, facing one of the aforementioned giant windows as the sun shown down on the trees and unmarred white snow (no city foot-traffic here) put me in the ultimate good mood.

After the most cabin appropriate breakfast ever (an unseemly amount of bacon, eggs, and buttered toast doused in siracha with some pour-over Toby's Estate coffee on the side), we made our way outside for a stroll through the forest. As we meandered, we marveled at the quiet, and the chance to take a little mental break from it all. Then we stumbled on some real live horses just chilling and I had to pull out my iphone to instagram a picture. Sorry, I am bad at getting away from it all, ok?

When we got back to the cabin post walk, we prepared to make an epic weekend cabin dinner (beef bourguignon- we camp fancy), and asked each other some of these psychologist approved questions guaranteed to make you fall in love, or at least get to know someone a lot better, while everything simmered away.

The drive home was bittersweet. On the one hand, nobody likes a vacation to end. On the other hand, I felt refreshed and ready to get back to the work I love here at Alder New York. If anyone else is experiencing the all-too-familiar winter blues, I strongly suggest you give yourself a break. Get out from your routine with people you like (or just yourself! That can be the best too) and give your brain a chance to refresh. You''ll come back better for it.


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