Nina's Tips for Stress Free Travel

Even though I travel with some regularity, I still get stressed out the day before when, no matter how many times I do it, I agonize over packing. It's the whole what will the weather be, how do I make this all fit in my bag kind of thing. But once I'm on the way to the airport, bag in hand, I always feel good, because I have actual traveling on lock. Here are some of the tricks I use to keep my trip smooth.

For the Plane 

Throw in a Turkish Towel

I swear by a Turkish towel that can do double duty as both a blanket and shawl. I'm particularly partial to taupe, because it looks chic with every outfit I wear, and keep me snug as a bug on airplanes that are always about 10 degrees colder than I find tolerable.

Try a Neck Pillow

I'm a window seat person- it's the only way I'm able to fall asleep on flights. And I always use a little neck pillow for added support. I have been using this Muji one, which I like because you can take the case off and throw it in the wash to get off all the plane germs. The only annoying thing is how bulky it is- with carry on there is no extra space to waste. So I'm very intrigued by this neck scarf/pillow The Strategist wrote about called The Trtl. It looks so packable, yet so supportive. I'm definitely buying it for my next flight.

Bring Something Salty 

I brought these Muji fried soy sauce rice crackers on my last flight and now I'm obsessed! They were the perfect plane snack- salty and sweet, and surprisingly (for something fried) not greasy. It turns out our tastebuds work less well in the air- and as a result we tend to respond best to salty and umami flavors on flights, so now my extreme love for them makes sense.

For Once You Land

Masking is Essential

Flying is so bad for my skin. I notice a huge difference when I'm traveling and not in a good way. I always do an Alder New York face mask once I'm at the hotel or wherever I'm staying- I truly love all of them, but post flight I'm partial the the Hydrating Mask, because the hyaluronic acid provides some much needed moisture, while the kaolin clay exfoliates any dead skin I've built up.

Use a Really Good Hand Salve 

My hands get painfully dry when I travel. Alder used to make a hand salve, and it was the greatest thing in the whole world. We discontinued it and are working on a reboot, but until then, I'm making due with this Burt's Bee's Hand SalveIt's deeply nourishing- though it has beeswax which I'm not psyched about- and the rosemary and lavender smell is soothing to me when traveling. It's a bit sticky, so I try to apply it when I know I won't be touching anything for about twenty minutes while it sets in. 

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