Nina Zilka, Alder New York's CEO's, Morning Routine

Nina Zilka, Alder New York's CEO's, Morning Routine

First of all, weekday mornings and weekend morning are 2 totally different things. I have a good routine going most weekdays down to the supplements I take, and then if it’s Saturday I just forget it all.

But assuming it’s a weekday and I’m on top of it, I usually wake up and first thing drink a glass of water, because it’s really important to hydrate after 8 hours of sleep. Your skin shows it, and your other organs need it too. I take a vitamin D3 vitamin with it, because I recently found out I'm way vitamin D deficient and this is what my doctor recommended, and a probiotic supplement.

I’m a night time showerer, and I always wash my face in the shower- I use Alder New York’s Face Cleanser and then I use this little scrubby silicone brush I read about on The Strategist. It’s a game changer. I used to use a Clarisonic but changing the brush was such a pain. This scrubby is naturally antibacterial and it’s the best. I love using it with the cleanser- the combo leave my skin very soft.

Nina Zilka's Morning Routine

So anyway, I don’t wash my face again in the morning 'cus I don’t want to overdry it. So I usually just get up, use Alder New York’s Everyday Face Serum, a bit of ANY moisturizer and then, if I’m just working at the office and we don’t have any big meetings planned, I’ll just dab on a bit of Super Goop’s Mineral Sunscreen- I like that it’s matte and adds a bit of color to my face. If I'm going for full makeup, I use Juice Beauty's foundation. That's one of my clean beauty secrets. A while ago we had an intern who was very into makeup and when I first wore the Juice foundation, I walked in and she was like, is that NARS? That was the ultimate clean beauty stamp of approval in my eyes. Under my eyes I use Kevin Aucoin concealer- I was using Juice Beauty’s and I really strive to use fully clean cosmetics but I got this sample of Kevyn Aucoin’s and not gonna lie, it just works so well. Right now I'm doing a sparkly eye thing, and I like MAC's color pallet in warm gold- I'm less stressed about super clean cosmetics for products I don't wear as regularly, and MAC's not too bad anyway. And they just do really good pigments. Sometimes I'll use Milk Makeup's pink sparkly eye shadow- that's super quick to apply and very fun. But it makes me feel a little, young, maybe, and that's generally not what I'm going for for meetings with editors or buyers. That's maybe more of a weekend look. For eyebrows I'm using YSL's eyebrow pallet and Bobby Brow's brow shaper in brunette. Some people swear by Boy Brow, but I think Bobby Brown's is more pigmented and stronger holding, and creates more of a look, at least for me. I use Chanel eyeliner in a chocolaty brown, and then finish it all with Benefit mascara, whichever the newest one is. That's the mascara brand I am ride or die about. They just make my eyelashes look so thick. For lips, I swear by Burt's Bee's tinted lip balms. It gives just a little bit of color, the perfect amount.Nina Zilka's Morning RoutineI don't wash my hair that often- it's thick and curly, so most days it’s just a bit of Texture Powder at the roots to keep it looking nice. Legit, that's why we made Texture Powder- I never wash my hair and couldn't find anything that was clean that I liked to use. After I wash it, when it's wet, I use a bit of Oaui Curl Jelly- really liking that right now. It keeps it frizz free but not crunchy at all. And then I’ll use DivaCurl Set it Free if it’s humid out. I hate, hate, hate the packaging for it- obviously I like sleek packaging, and this isn't good packaging. I have to hide it. But it works. 
Nina Zilka's Morning Routine
Then I usually drink some coffee my husband made- he’s a coffee person, so it’s always something nice and fancy like Hart’s in a Chemex. I’m truly a Café Bustelo girl- I genuinely like how it tastes, but I also am happy to drink nice coffee if it’s made for me. Splash of almond milk, and then I’ll usually make us a smoothie- spinach, banana, orange juice, tahini, and frozen mango. And then that’s it! Usually I'm done and out the door five minutes later than I’d hoped but oh well.


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    That’s awesome Annie! We hope you love all your picks.

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    Great list! Off to buy a few of these beauties!

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