"Nesting" Is Our Favorite 2017 Wellness Trend

At the end of every year our friends at Well + Good rounds up a few of the biggest wellness trends for the upcoming year. This year's list of predictions ranged from cannabis selling out and going corporate to plant proteins being the next it health-food ingredient. But the one trend that stuck out to us the most wasn't a new workout or vegan supplement. It was simply staying home.

"Nesting" is number nine on Well + Good's 2017 Wellness Trends and it has our name written all over it. Gone are the days of girls (and guys) night out. It's now all about GNI (girls/guys night in). This trend is part of a bigger movement for self care. Millennials in particular are making time for "me time," focusing on getting rest, recharging, and putting one's well-being before social obligations.

 “People are prioritizing personal comfort, and a more casual approach to quality time with friends,” says Pinterest researcher Larkin Brown. Nesting is about preventing stress and burn out before it's too late. Who can't get behind that?

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