A Message From Our Chinese Suppliers- Stay Home

A Message From Our Chinese Suppliers- Stay Home

We thought this simple message was both encouraging and important to share.

In November, the Alder New York Team was prepping for a new product launch and started arranging for production of our bottles with one of our suppliers in China. By the time we were ready to go forward on production,  the Lunar New Year was quickly approaching and production was slated to be completed once the factory returned from celebrating the holiday. Unfortunately, this also coincided with the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Our contact at the factory continued to check in with us letting us know that they were all staying home and that production would start up again soon. Then workers would start to return to work and shipping, although backed up, would slowly resume.

Weeks later we got our first cases of COVID-19 in the states. Fast forward to today, and while we are in the throes of the virus, our Chinese suppliers are getting back to normal and providing us with words of wisdom during these challenging times.

"Please stay at home, which is really an important way to cut spread method of virus, as well as keep yourself safe. China is much better now, and everything back to normal gradually. The most important and easiest thing we can do is stay at home as much as possible."

So let's all stay home if we can and remember we're in this together and we'll get through this.

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