Matcha Madness: Our Favorite Antioxidant Rich And Caffeine Packed Drink

Matcha Madness: Our Favorite Antioxidant Rich And Caffeine Packed Drink

If you're like me you probably have to start your day off with your morning cup of joe. Maybe you need another cup around lunchtime and then another during that 3 o'clock afternoon slump. While a little bit of caffeine has been documented as being good for you on a number of fronts, that jittery energy it provides isn't always the most helpful.

If I could tell you there was another caffeine packed beverage that is full of antioxidants and provides a calm, energized focus that won't leave you jittery, would you drop the bean? Well, I guess you figured it out. There is such a beverage: Matcha, and The ANY Mag is crazy for it!

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha

Made from the youngest leaves of the green tea plant, Matcha is packed with about 80mg of caffeine per serving. That's about 50mg less than a cup of coffee, the same amount of caffeine as a Red bull, and more than double the amount as a serving of green tea. According to the the people behind NYC's Matchabar

"The caffeine in Matcha bonds to larger plant molecules, increasing the time it takes for the caffeine to break down in the bloodstream." resulting in a slow time release dosage of caffeine with no crashes and no jitters. Additionally, Matcha contains a natural chemical called L-Theanine that is responsible for providing relaxation without drowsiness. 

Stressed To Be The Best

Matcha is a Chinese and Japanese import made from green tea plants. Only the youngest top leaves of the plants are used once they have been "shaded," a method of blocking the plants from sunlight. The act of shading tricks the plant into working extra hard to survive, filling the top most leaves with all of its nutrients. The resulting bright green leaves are sweeter than the lower darker tea leaves, and are packed with more caffeine, antioxidants, and L-Theanine. 

Once the leaves are harvested, they are ground to create a fine powder that can then be mixed with water to make drinkable Matcha.

Where To Get Your Matcha Fix

If you're in New York, you're in luck because you have Matchabar, the only Matcha café in the city. Get a Matcha latte, a Matcha on ice, or purchase a few bottles of their chilled Iced Matcha tea in original, Peach, or Fuji Apple Ginger flavors. If your not in NYC, don't worry, you can order Matcha powder and Matchabar Iced beverages via their website.

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