Mastering Hygge, The Danish Concept of Getting Cozy at Home

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If staying at home snuggled up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea sounds like a Saturday night that just couldn't get much better, then you're probably a millennial who is deep into the latest nesting trend - or maybe you're just Danish. Unlike in the English language, the act of staying at home and feeling cozy actually has a word in Danish: hygge. Sorry to crush your future plan of saying you're going to stay home and get higgy with it, but it's pronounced hue-gah, and it's our current favorite winter pass time. Here are a few suggestions for how to become a hygge master.

Light Up

The perfect way to start embracing hygge is to light candles. Talk to any Dane and they will say candles are priority number one for a night of hygge. We suggest you enjoy the aroma of a Boy Smells Ash Scented Candle, which has a warm, smokey scent that is reminiscent of a crackling fire place. If you're not the candle type, go for some incense, like Bodha's Ground smokeless ones, which have a cozy, earthy smell that says "let's cuddle on the sofa"

Put a Throw on It

You can't get cozy without a plush throw. Whether it's to toss over your shoulders while hanging out in bed, or for keeping your toes warm while bumming it on the sofa, a throw blanket is a hygge must have. We love the idea of cozying up with a blanket you knitted yourself, but this alpaca one from Parachute Home will work just as well for the less crafty and/or ambitious.

Pamper Yourself

Hygge is all about being comfortable and relaxed, and we can't think of a better way to settle in and feel at ease than with a little at-home pampering. We always love mixing up some Alder New York Face Mask to detox and chill. Our recipe for a Matcha Latte Mask is more than appropriate for such an occasion, and will bring you one step closer to the ultimate hygge status.

Fill the Mug

When trying to master the art of hygge there is one very crucial element to have in your possession at all times- a mug of some hot beverage. It can be a mug of tea, hot chocolate, a bone broth elixir, or even a warm turmeric latte, but the goal is to make sure that your hands are being warmed while embracing a ceramic mug and your stomach is being warmed by your favorite cozy-time beverage.

Follow these  tips and you'll be on your way to master the art of getting cozy the Danish way!

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