Lip Balm for Grown Ups

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Remember Chapstick? Of course you do -you might even have some in you back pocket right now. For years- for my entire childhood- it was my daily-carry staple, the ever present lip-moisturizing basic I could slather on for instant relief, and every kid in my class felt the same.

Except that the relief was always short lived. Often times I would end up with annoying red bumps above my lip, or find my lips more chapped than when I started after just a couple hours. Plus I could never learn to love the smell. The Original was too medicinal, and the Cherry, Strawberry, and Vanilla Mint flavors were all so cheap smelling and artificial that they made my nostrils burn. But as a sixth grader there were other more important things to worry about (like whether mom had remembered to sign me up for Pizza Day) so the Chapstick sufficed.

A More Mature Option

In my more grown up years, I’ve come to appreciate the finer things in all parts of my life, and Chapstick just wasn’t going to cut it for me anymore. A quick review of the twenty or so ingredients was enough to make me throw out my once-trusty tube. The original Chapstick- the most “basic” of all the skin-care basics I own- uses a host of chemicals that are known hormone disrupters (hi methylparaben and propylparaben), a few toxic dyes (just, why?) and white petrolatum, a by-product of the oil industry, as its main moisturizer. 

C’mon now! All I want in my basic lip balm are the basics, ok? I want a naturally colored lip balm that erases my chapped lips without adding gloss or shine, is super hydrating, and lasts all day. And as a mature adult going to a grown-up job, I want it to smell a bit more sophisticated while we’re at it, ok? 

Enter Alder New York’s Nourishing Lip Balms. Each lip balm is made with only five (five!) ingredients: organic coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, vitamin e, and essential oil- that’s it. The all-natural wax and oil formula goes on smooth, with no shine, and lasts for hours, while the vitamin E actually heals while it hydrates, leaving me with smoother lips even if I were to never reapply.

Three Sophisticated Scents 

But the biggest selling point to me are the scents: Clove, Juniper, and the newest scent (and my absolute favorite) Anise. All three scents are subtle and sophisticated. The clove is a bit spicy, the juniper is woodsy and sweet, and the anise smells like the black licorice I only came to fully appreciate as I grew up, and now cannot get enough of.

The Nourishing Lip Balm is the perfect accessory to a bare lip, and once again, I have a twist tube lip balm in my back pocket wherever I go. It’s just that this one is made for grown ups.

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