Introducing Our New 11.90-B1 Texture Powder

Introducing Our New 11.90-B1 Texture Powder

Alder New York’s very first product, back in 2011, was our Natural Hair Powder. Back then, Nina, our co-founder, was desperately looking for a texture powder to give her that perfect next-day hair, with just the right amount of volume. So, we developed our powder because there was nothing else like it on the market.

In the years since, it’s become a cult favorite, becoming the go-to powder for high end salons and stores like Fellow Barber, Malin and Goetz, and Urban Outfitters, and our number one customer favorite. We hear time and time again that this is the miracle powder that revives limp hair to create texture and volume in seconds, in a way that no other product does.

So why are we changing things up? There were just a few things we knew we could tweak to create the ultimate game-changing product.

Meet Powder 2.0

The new and improved 11.90-B1 Texture Powder comes in a travel friendly, recyclable, white plastic bottle. While we love the look of glass, we wanted you to be able to throw our powder in your gym bag or weekender and not have to worry about any spills. Now this little bottle can safely travel with you just about anywhere, so you never have a bad hair day.

Our new bottle also comes with a twist top sifter cap for added ease of use. Now you can easily tap just the smallest amount of powder into your hands or directly unto your hair without worrying about pouring out too much.

We’ve also streamlined the powder to be one singular scent. We wanted it to be a clean, fresh, and unisex, so we created a layered fragrance that has notes of eucalyptus, lime, and clary sage. The result is pretty addictive. 

Alway Natural, Safe, and Effective

As always, our formula is still 100% natural, formulated with a unique blend of minerals to create texture and maximize body. The one change we made is to add sea clay, in addition to the kaolin clay we've always used. Not only is sea clay high in hair- strengthening minerals, but it also creates a neutral color powder that works with a wide range of hair types. We've tried our formula on the darkest hair to the lightest, and it absorbs super easily to disappear as soon as you comb it through. 

We're so excited for you to try our the new 11.90-B1 Texture Powder! If you want to snag some, you can buy it here.

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