Interview with Soon to be Mom Jill Monterotti of Mirepoix Wellness Studio

Interview with Soon to be Mom Jill Monterotti of Mirepoix Wellness Studio

In honor of Mother's Day we took a moment to ask yoga studio owner and soon to be mother Jill Monterotti a few questions about trying to live your best life while dealing with the changes and anticipation of becoming a first time mom.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and Mirepoix studio? 

I’m the owner of Mirepoix Wellness Studio in Chicago, a health coach, a wife, and a soon to be first time mom. When I’m not working, I can be found at spin, pilates, recipe testing in my kitchen, or at a coffee shop with my husband! 

How has pregnancy affected your daily routine? 

Pregnancy has drastically shifted my routine. Pregnancy insomnia started pretty early on for me, so I had to adjust my routine almost immediately. For awhile I had a great routine down where I would be up early enough to fit in a morning routine filled with meditation, dry brushing, and lemon water. I would then be able to sneak in some self care midday between classes and work at the studio, and be in bed reading and asleep at the same time every night. Now my daily routine looks a lot less routine, and I’m still trying to figure out what making time for myself looks like when I’m sleep deprived, uncomfortable, and behind on my to-do lists. Pregnancy has really helped me set my expectations for what I will be able to do once the baby is here, and has prepared me for functioning on little to no sleep. I’ve fortunately had a fairly uneventful pregnancy and have only experienced mild discomforts, but it’s a strange constant feeling of just not feeling quite like your normal self. Now that my routine is dependent on how I feel hour to hour, I’m learning to be more flexible and just giving myself what I need in the moment.

What products and things are helping you get through your pregnancy while maintaining your busy life? 

Any and every prepared, fresh food that is ready to go. I love to cook, but haven’t loved cooking while pregnant. Having my face over a stovetop of aromatic food makes me nauseous and overheated almost immediately these days. Brands that I’m loving are Daily Harvest, 22 Days Nutrition, Purely Elizabeth Oatmeal, and precut veggies and fruit from Whole Foods.

We know that you have a plant based diet. How hard or easy has it been to stick to that through your pregnancy? Are you surprised by anything your craving? 

A few days after seeing that positive pregnancy test, morning sickness hit me hard. It was difficult to keep anything down so I was generally just concerned about my baby getting any nutrients I could give her. I went into total survival mode and it was less of a “cravings” feeling and more of “this is all I can keep down” feeling. First trimester was mostly processed food that I wouldn’t normally eat, but when bread is the only thing that doesn’t have you running for the nearest trash can, you just take what you can get. Outside of first trimester, I’ve found that sticking to plant based eating has been incredibly easy. I’ve upped my protein intake during pregnancy which is really the only aspect of my diet I’ve had to adjust. I’m a big believer in eating intuitively, so I’ve focused less on stringent numbers and more on how I’m feeling before, during, and after every meal. Baby and I are both right on par with weight gain expectations and my blood work has been fantastic the entire pregnancy.

Have you noticed any changes to your skin or hair? Has that affected your routine in any way? 

My skin has been great the entire time which was a huge surprise. I’ve struggled with acne in the past, so I was expecting my body to revert back to that with my hormones being out of whack. I’ve been one of the fortunate ones who has felt that pregnancy glow and am actually nervous what my skin is going to do when I stop being pregnant! My hair has been on an interesting journey where some days it definitely feels voluminous and other days it’s brittle and limp. I’m sure this never ending, harsh winter in Chicago isn’t doing me any favors either though! Because of my hair struggles, I started to oil train my hair and the Alder Texture Powder has become my go-to. Washing my hair less has been key to navigating the dryness, but I have natural light blonde hair so my hair shows every ounce of oil immediately. The texture powder has really helped to stretch the time between washes while keeping my hair clean. It is also amazing for those busy mornings when I am trying to catch up on sleep and washing my hair is my last priority.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

I’m just so excited to be a mom and figure out what living a healthy, mindful lifestyle looks like with a newborn. I’m hoping to be able to connect more with women who are struggling to find the balance between motherhood and taking care of themselves. My health coaching clients are currently all women which I have found to be so rewarding, and I’m looking forward to working with more women who are in different areas of this journey from fertility and hormonal balance to pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. 

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