How to Take Care of Your Skin When You're Spending More Time Indoors

How to Take Care of Your Skin When You're Spending More Time Indoors

A lot of us are spending an unusual amount of time indoors right now. If you are someone who has been able to do so, you may be noticing your skin feels duller, drier, and flakier. That's likely from a combination of non-circulating dry air from your heating system, dust from furniture and pets, and pollution from the cleaning products you are using to (logically) keep your home clean. The good news is that there is a skincare routine will keep your skin in great shape so that you look and feel your best.

Hydrate That Dry Skin

This might sound obvious, but the best thing for dry skin is hydration. Even if you're someone who doesn't wear as much lotion when it isn't full-on winter, dry indoor air can zap skin no matter what temperature it is outside. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are ideal for this type of situation, because they draw moisture to your skin and keep it there. We also suggest layering products for multiple purposes- for instance we suggest layering our hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 serum, which keeps skin even and plump, with our vitamin C and E moisturizer which helps fight free radicals in the air that can age skin.

Make Sure To Exfoliate

Now more than ever, it's important to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and keep skin fresh. We recommend a daily chemical exfoliant cleanser, like our glycolic acid Everyday Face Cleanser, to remove dust, pollution, and dead skin gently, vs a physical exfoliant scrub that can tear dry/damaged skin. As a self-care treat that will also leave noticeable results, try an exfoliating face mask once or twice a week. Ones with Vitamin C, like our Brightening Face Mask- will leave skin bright and glowy.

Massage Your Face for Lymphatic Drainage and Circulation

Spending more time indoors typically means less movement than you would have normally.  So this is a great time to focus on facial massage to keep your blood pumping and lymphatic system moving. We love a gua sha facial massage for this purpose, and it's a wonderful activity you can do yourself to also help release stress and anxiety as an added bonus. 

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