How to Revive Your Skin After a Long Flight

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Air travel can be the worst. Gone are the days when flying was a pleasant luxury and here are the days of delayed, canceled, and sorry, not sorry about the lack of leg room travel. But one thing that hasn't changed about air travel is the dry air and the generally hostile environment for healthy, hydrated skin to thrive.

In Flight Hydration

When it comes to in-flight preventative measures to ensure that you don't walk off the plane looking like a raisin, moisturizing is a must. We love traveling with Alder New York's TSA compliant Everyday Face Serum because it's the perfect mid-flight skin booster. This super concentrated elixir is formulated with hyaluronic acid, antioxidant rich botanicals, and vitamin B3 for combating inflammation, another peril of air travel. Follow up your serum with a moisturizer to lock it all in.

When it comes to keeping your hands moisturized, acquire a butter based hand salve for long lasting protection and hydration. Look for products with shea butter, mango butter, and/or cocoa butter. The thicker the better when it comes to hand salves, especially on long flights. 

Stress Free Travel

Staying stress free is also key to keeping your skin looking its best once you've deplaned. Understandably it's no easy task keeping cool, calm, and collected when dealing with the TSA, but remember your complexion will take a hit if you don't: increased stress increases acne break outs. Manage stress with a little aromatherapy; Palermo Body's aromatherapy oils are the perfect pocket-sized fragrance destressors. Twist open, apply to your wrists and pressure points, then take a deep inhale every time you feel a freak out coming on. You'll feel at ease and your skin will look better for it.

Destination Skincare

Once you've reached your destination you can give your skin an extra boost with a hydrating face mask. Alder New York's Hydrating Face Mask is the perfect easy-to-travel-with mask because of its individual-use portioned pouch that makes doing a quick hotel room, or even possibly public restroom, face mask so easy. In as little as three minutes you'll have hydrated, gently exfoliated, and antioxidant enriched skin without the mess. 

And lastly, keep your skincare routine regular once you've reached your destination-don't switch it up. I'm personally guilty of tossing whatever travel friendly skincare products I have laying around my apartment into my bag and abandoning my full size products in my medicine cabinet at home. Don't do this! Take the time to get travel-sized options of your regular skincare products or fill up some travel bottles with the full sized stuff. The last thing you want to do when you're already going through a stressful journey is stress out your skin with an assortment of new products.

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