How to Look Like you Got a Face Lift Without Going Under the Knife

How to Look Like you Got a Face Lift Without Going Under the Knife

Until recently, there was really only one way to tighten and lift the skin on your face, and it involved a scalpel. But both modern advances in cosmetic science, as well as age old remedies that are making a comeback can lift and rejuvenate your skin san surgery. Of course, no treatment will have a long term effect if you aren't already practicing a good skincare routine. But assuming you have that figured out there are some pretty incredible treatments to get your skin firmer and tighter without going under the knife. 

The Thread Lift 

Where a traditional face lift involves actual surgery, the newer thread lift is a far less invasive procedure. Essentially, dissolvable threads with small cones are shot under skin with a small needle. The small cones then grasp unto the underside of the skin and literally lift it up to create a more youthful appearance. Unlike traditional face lifts, the patient is treated with only a local anesthetic for the procedure, and recovery time from bruising or swelling is as little as 2-3 days. 

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency 

As we age, we lose collagen- which is what gives our face its supple, springiness. Newer technologies like ultrasound and radio frequency treatments help your body to build more collagen without any invasive surgery. Both devices work by sending energy to different layers of your skin- with ultrasound to a specific, targeted location and with radio frequency to a a broader, more superficial area.  Most dermatologists use the devices in tandem to get the most effective results. While your skin is numbed for the treatment, in both cases there's no recovery period and results build over time as the collagen grows. 

Radio Frequency Microneedling 

We've talked about microneedling before- it works by inflicting tiny wounds into your skin with micro needles, which in turn causes your body to produce more collagen to repair the injuries, which results in tighter, firmer skin. Dermatologists are now using devices that stamp your skin with microneedles that emit radiofrequency to tighten your skin for added effectiveness.

Facial Massage

Then there's facial massage- something that's been practiced in Eastern medicine for centuries and is only now starting to gain popularity as a treatment in the US. Whether through Gua Sha tools, Facial Rollers, or simply your hands, massaging the muscles in your skin promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production. "You're going to stimulate the whole system," said Thuyen Nguyen, celebrity facialist & founder of FaceXercise, at a recent panel at Aqua Studio. "The best thing you can ever do for skin to massage you face on a regular basis."

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