How to Grow Your Own Vegetables Indoors With Just Water and Sunlight

How to Grow Your Own Vegetables Indoors With Just Water and Sunlight

Many of us city dwellers don't have access to gardens, but we still feel a primal urge to grow food that we and our families can eat. The amazing news is that is is incredibly easy (and rewarding) to grow certain vegetables in your own home with nothing else but sunlight and water! 

Grow Your Own Window Celery 

We could all use a little bit of crunch in our bean salads, and celery is the perfect vegetable to accomplish that. So if you want to keep a steady supply on hand, you can place the root (with about 2" of growth left on it) in a shallow dish of water near your window. In about a week you should see leaves start to grow, and over time you'll have new celery stalks to cut up for your lunch.

Grow Your Own Window Basil

Basil adds interest to so many dishes, so it's exciting to know you can grow more from what you already have on hand. Place a few basil clippings into a glass of shallow water in a sunny window- you'll want to make sure the clippings are relatively fresh. Let the plant grow, and once the roots are 2" long, you can plant the basil in soil to keep it going.

Grow Your Own Window Romaine Lettuce 

To keep a steady supply of romaine lettuce on hand, keep about 3" up from the bottom of the lettuce, and place the butt in a shallow mug or bowl of water- fill to about halfway up the lettuce. Make sure the glass or bowl is tall enough so the long side of the lettuce can lean against it. Place in a sunny window, and you should see growth in 1-3 days.

Grow Your Own Window Scallions

Scallions make fried rice that much more delicious, and ditto a bowl of black beans. You can easily grow more by taking an inch of the white bottom portion, and placing in a shallow cup of water in the sunlight. You should see your scallion growing in as little as 2 days.

Grow Your Own Window Garlic leaves 

Take a few cloves of garlic with their skin still on, and place in a small glass- a shot glass can be great for this. Place in just a little bit of water (just enough to cover the bottom of the garlic) and you will see green leaves start to grow in a few days. These garlic leaves looks a bit like scallions, and are equally delicious.

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