How to Clean Your Cleansing Facial Brush

How to Clean Your Cleansing Facial Brush

It may sound a little bit funny cleaning a cleansing brush, but if you take the proper steps to clean your Alder New York Cleansing Facial Brush you can prolong its life and keep it working its best!

Always Dry Your Brush After Using It

It's important to dry your brush after every use. To do this, first make sure you have rinsed any excess product from your brush with warm water. Next give it a little shake and then rub the bristles of the brush on a bath towel until mostly dry.

Now place your brush in its holder. Make sure it's in a well ventilated space- not in a medicine cabinet or vanity drawer.

Dry your Alder New York Cleansing Facial Brush on a Bath Towel

Wash Your Brush with a Gentle Soap

We also recommend washing your brush with a gentle dish soap to prevent build up. You should clean your brush once a week or every other week depending on how often you use it.

Give it a Rubbing Alcohol Bath

Lastly, give your brush bristles a quick one minute bath in rubbing alcohol. Pour a bit of isopropyl alcohol, enough to cover all of your brush bristles, in a small cup. This will help kill bacteria and keep your brush looking and feeling fresh. Repeat this once a week. 

Soak Your Alder New York Cleansing Facial Brush in Rubbing Alcohol



    Nina, I love my brush! only I did not read how to wash it above, until now. I used baking soda . It worked! only did I mess up these amazing bristles and all the special elements that make this cleansing brush so unique? My skin feels so much better by the way ! :)

  • SandraB

    I love my Alder NY products. My skin is so sensitive, after using all three products my skin feel so soft and clean.

  • Alder New York

    Hi Lina, if you clean your brush regularly, it should last 6 months or so before you’d want to replace it.

  • Lina

    How long is your brush lifespan before we need to replace it with another ?

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