How to Care for Your Tattoos

How to Care for Your Tattoos

Forty percent of Millenials have tattoos. They're ubiquitous symbols of self expression for a generation that isn't afraid to be themselves. They're also a permanent addition to one's skin that requires special care to keep looking good and the skin that they adorn healthy.

The Sun is the Enemy 

When it comes to caring for your skin, the most significant action you can take is to regularly apply a daily SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Not only will blocking UVA and UVB rays prevent the development of sun spots, wrinkles, and cancers, but it will keep tattoos looking their best. UV rays can break down many of the most common inks used for tattooing. UV exposer is often the reason older tattoos look faded and less crisp. 

Additionally keep your tattoos covered up with long sleeves, hats, and pants when you expect that you'll be out in the sun for long periods of time. It's the most effective way to protect your tattoos from UV exposer and fading.

Avoid Petroleum 

Keeping your tattoos crisp and fade free is also dependent on the products you apply to your skin. It's important to keep tattooed skin moisturized and clean and to avoid petroleum based products. You won't see petroleum listed on the back of your lotion bottle so it's important to look out for some of these common petroleum based ingredients: paraffin wax, mineral oil, petrolatum, and anything with the word "PEG" in it.

Tattoo Safe Skincare

Stick to using lotions, creams, and cleansers that are water, oil, or butter based and avoid petrochemicals. Petroleum free products will keep your skin looking good without the worry of tattoo ink breaking down and fading.

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