How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

We all have a general schedule for getting our hair cut. For some it's every few weeks, while for others it's just a couple of times a year. But is there actually a rule to how frequently you should head to the salon? We talked to an expert on the subject to bring some clarity to the age old question: How often should you cut your hair?

What's Your Cut?

The answer according to Tommy Lovell, hair stylist and founder of the Brooklyn salon, WHITEROOM, depends on your hair length. For shorter hair styles like pixie cuts and traditionally more cropped men's styles, every 4- 6 weeks is perfect. For longer hairstyles every 6- 8 weeks should be good. Tommy clarifies that "those numbers are for maintenance, meaning you won’t ever get to a point where you'll look like you need a cut."

The average amount of hair growth for a person is about 1/2 inch per month but everyone's hair is different. "If your hair grows more quickly than others, you’d lean toward that shorter time and toward the longer time if it grows more slowly."

Too Trim or Not to Trim

When it comes to trying to grow out your hair Tommy say that his best advice is to "just stay away from the salon." But there are 2 caveats with this advise.

"The first is what you’re willing to go through. If you don’t care that you’ll go through some awkward phases or downright ugly ones, just let it go. But, if it’s important that you look good along the way, you’ll need to get it cut when it starts to act up."

The second thing to consider is the quality of your hair. If you're hair is damaged and you have split ends it's going to set you back. 

"Imagine your hair grows 3 inches but, in that same time, split 2 inches. You’re left with only 1 inch of good hair growth. So, you need to get trims often enough to tame problematic splits before they really start to work against you."

Battling Split Ends

If your prone to split ends, Tommy recommends using a split end treatment like this one from Christophe Robin, and to "shampoo less frequently, maybe twice a week at most." Also "brush your hair when it’s dry to promote follicular stimulation and oil distribution."

Between shampoos you can use Alder New York's Texture Powder to keep your hair feeling clean and to give your hair some extra volume. 

Can You Over Do It?

It's possible to cut your hair too much. But it's likely you'll know it if the trips to the salon are too frequent."If you’re trying to grow [out your hair] and you cut more than has grown," it's time to scale back.

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