How I Became a Face Mask Addict

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While there are certain genetic traits I would love to change, one of my genetic beauty wins has been naturally pretty decent skin (thanks Mama!).

Because I’ve never had to think too much about it, I don’t do much to maintain it. I’ve actually never had a facial, and - horror of lady magazine horrors - I often forget to take my makeup off before I fall asleep at night.

However, when Alder New York came out with our Matcha & Honey Face Mask, of course I gave it a go. And from the very first time I tried it, I was hooked. The results were immediate. As soon as I washed the mask off my face, I noticed my skin looked a bit tighter, like when you look in a mirror and pull your cheeks back to imagine yourself with a face lift or some botox (everyone does that, right?). I also felt like my skin was glowier, giving me a healthy, natural-beauty aura.

I’m not the only one who’s had these results. Shortly after we released the mask, a customer told me that this story really happened: she used our matcha face mask, and ten minutes later had a skype chat with her mom. Her mom was like “what did you do to your skin? You’re glowing.” She promptly ordered five more. 

So that’s how I went from a never-masker to adding a weekly Matcha & Honey Face Mask to my routine. Now if I skip a week, I immediately notice it. My skin feels drier and looks duller, until I revive it with a mask and get back to my skin A game. 

Since I don’t know if I’ll ever become the person who washes of their makeup every single time, I figure the mask is my way of making up for my habitual facial laziness. 

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