How Alder New York's CEO, Nina Zilka, Works From Home Like a Pro

How Alder New York's CEO, Nina Zilka, Works From Home Like a Pro

I know some of you have been working from home for quite a while, but WFH life is new to me. I’ve had to learn how to best separate work life from home life when they all happen in the same place. After my first full week at it, here are my tips I’ve developed to become my best work-remote self. 

Create a Routine that Includes a Workout

My office going self wasn’t super strict about working out, but now that my commute is my bed to my table, that has changed. Now I get up early every morning so that I can either bike in the park near my apartment or stream a yoga video so I can workout without ever leaving the house. I can’t take movement for granted now, so carving out a workout is essential for clearing the brain cobwebs and keeping my body in working order so I can be my best self when I sit down to work. 

Don’t Wear Your Pajamas to Work

While our Chief Creative Officer, David, is always dressed impeccably even when it’s just to go to his living room, I am a fan of workout clothes anytime I’m home, including when I work from home. But note- these workout clothes are different then pajamas. I’ve made a clear distinction between my Girlfriend Collective black leggings (“work” pants) and my Recliner lounge pjs (“sleep” pants). I don’t think it matters what you decide your work clothes are- it’s more important that your brain understands when you’re in work mode based on what you deem WFH appropriate. 

Have a Designated Work Space That Isn’t Your Bed

My husband is also working remote, and because he’s actually been doing that for quite a while, our desk is his de-facto work space. So I now work at our dining room table, and it’s working great! Every morning, after I shower and change into my designated work-leggings, I set up my computer, charger, notebook, pens, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and earbuds in a line on our dining room table, and get down to emails. When I break for lunch, I sit on the other side of the table- aka the non-work zone. And at 5 pm, all the aforementioned items get put away in my bedroom, so that the dining room can become the fun wine-drinking, puzzle-playing space it is in the evenings.

Make Self Care a Priority

When the workday is over, it’s important for me to have a ritual that flicks the work switch off and the relax switch on. So after I put my computer away, I like to head into the bathroom, and light a candle, wash my face and do a face mask. This gives me a symbolic moment to wash off the work day and unwind. 


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